How To Buy The Best Hair Dryers For You

Are you looking for a list of the best hairdryers to choose the ideal model instead? In this article you will find many details that will make you opt for the perfect dryer very easily. To get more tips, please read: Best Lightweight Hair Dryers

Buying the best hairdryers may not be such an easy task. You need to research what are the most important features for your need, check which models are most recommended and also read reviews to ensure that the product is really ideal.

To make your choice easier, we made a list with five hair dryers among the most recommended, sold and desired on the internet. In addition, we have separated a lot of information about this product and we have also prepared a shopping guide for you to choose the most appropriate model. Did you like it and want to know more? Follow the reading.

Top 5 best dryers to buy online

Maxis Travel- Mondial Dryer

This hair dryer is the best option for those who need a portable and compact product. With a folding handle, you can take the dryer anywhere, making it a great alternative for travel and commuting. It has 1200W of power, with two speeds and temperatures to perfectly fit all types of hair.

It is bivolt, has a directing nozzle, to facilitate drying and styling of the hair, in addition to containing a handle for hanging. It weighs 128 grams and has low air flow, so it is more suitable for thin and short hair.

Beauty Rose Dryer- Philco

With 2000W of power and two speeds, this dryer from Philco is suitable for curly hair and styling, as it comes with a diffuser that facilitates these actions. It has a technology that releases negative ions, closing the cuticles of the wires and minimizing static.

It has three temperature options and, in addition to the diffuser, it comes with a nozzle for quick drying and another concentrator. Contains a three meter cable and ring for hanging. It is not bivolt.

Tourmaline Ion Ceramic Dryer - Taiff

This dryer also has negative ion emission technology to reduce electricity and static, bringing greater softness and shine to the wires. With four temperature levels and two speeds, it has 2000W of power and is not bivolt. It contains a three-meter cable, which is ideal for use in salons, in addition to being a highly rated product and widely purchased in the main virtual stores.

Dryer PowerLight 385 - Parlux

This professional option has 2100W of power, making the wires to be smoothed more easily and quickly. It is not bivolt, which can be a problem for those who want to transport this item when traveling. It contains an engine that allows it to be used economically and quietly. It comes with two nozzles and has a very powerful air flow.

It is compact and weighs 468 grams, a very light weight when compared to other professional models and of similar power. It has two temperature and speed options, also allowing cold drying.

Titanium Colors Dryer - Taiff

With a sophisticated design, this dryer has 2100W of power, has two speed options and five temperature options, in addition to the possibility of cold drying. It contains negative ion emission technology, which seals the cuticles of the wires and a professional motor that lasts ten times longer than ordinary dryers. It is not bivolt, has a three meter cable, removable back cover and ceramic grid.

Everything you need to know about hair dryers

What are hair dryers?

Hair dryers are very useful objects for those who want to dry their hair in a faster, more practical and efficient way, either to later straighten, style, or just keep their hair dry to sleep, or leave the house.

They can have different types and models, using many technologies and still present different sizes, power, voltages, speeds, temperatures and weights. These characteristics can be ideal and suitable for certain purposes. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze them carefully to make an assertive purchase.

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